Where are my projection shades?

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Quite recently a friend of mine thought up a good idea. He’d been playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The protagonist of this story is Adam Jensen, a slick spy who’s up to his eyes in “augments”.

Adam has some cool hud-displaying glasses that also seem to take care of his communications.

We figured that if we could find a projector small enough to fit into a Bluetooth-headset, we too might be able to project all sorts of useful information onto a cool set of specs. If we’d angle two of these small projectors at 45 degrees relative to the glasses, using the technique from the “Pepper’s Ghost” illusion to project the image over the glass, we could possibly link our mobile devices to them via Bluetooth.  At first they might be a bit clunky, but at the rate technology develops this might become elegantly small like for example the iPod did.

Building such a thing is not our job, we are not technicians, nor are we engineers. However, being professional creative thinkers we did manage to think of quite a lot of useful applications for this technology.

Imagine your SatNav displayed on the actual street you’re on or using augmented reality to look at the Wikipedia page of the buildings and historical sites around you. Integrating a headset would enable you to communicate by phone or internet via Bluetooth and 3g. Also, you could attach pictures, videos and livestreams from your current viewpoint. Furthermore, with you’re onboard camera you could enhance what you’re looking at by zooming, light-enhancement, or possibly even infrared.

As I’m sure there are a lot of other applications for such a device I hearby call upon the techies and scientists of the world to think of the possibilities and start development on it.

People, where are my heads-up display glasses? I mean it!

This would not be a gadget, but a life-enriching tool for so many lines of professions, not to mention, the American army would probably fund you as they are already experimenting with vision enhancements, making them a good customer if you manage to make something better then the “Future Soldier”-project. Not like I’m a huge fan of applying technology solemnly for military purposes tho. My opinion personally would be:

If something like this comes into existence it should be used for the better of mankind. Tho that might just be wishful thinking.

Terry Menger


Th!s !s 21! The 2d Platformer

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This is so exciting!

I finally got my hands on a project where I could create music and soundeffects for a game. Better still, it’s Retro!

Now, Retro’s a field I had not explored to it’s fullest, therefore it lended several challenges. It need not sound crappy, yet somehow needed to have that retro feel. This lead to a lot of experimentation with one final setup of 6×3 Oscilattors and a few percussion sounds and a few samples. No fancy soundbanks this time!

I somehow can see, that for me, going back in time, and working with a restrictive set-up has forced me to be more creative.

Now all this experimenting with primitive synths also has great benefits for how I treat working on music for Project Synaesthesia.

And to think, me making the music and effects is just the beginning. Pretty soon my sounds will be in a game! Great stuff for a portfolio, and for me personally, a dream come true.

Telesound Studio Leeuwarden

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These people are currently producing a reference-CD.
They are something to look forward to in the future, bringing this old beast back to live.

I had the incredible honor of being the first to record some 11-channel drumtracks at their location in Leeuwarden, assisting them as a studio-musician with a drumpart for their reference-CD and gaining some awesome quality drumloops as a repayment. Looking forward to future coöperation!

Many thanks to Ben, Niels, David and Frans.

Thank You Big Orange

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About a month ago, on a friday afternoon, I payed a visit to the Utrecht department of Big Orange, a company that has provided sound for lots of commercials and tv-programmes such as Geert Mak- In Europa (VPRO).

Once I had arrived at the adress, I was kindly welcomed by Vincent  and Jos.

I had planned to just hand them my showcase and ask them to write some feedback at a later time if they wished, fearing they would be quite busy on a friday afternoon.

I was amazed at their openess, and it seems I was in the right place, at the right time.

They actually sat me down for a whopping 55 minute talk!

Vincent and Jos shared with me their regarded opininion on my showcase, which brought about lots of useful tips, tricks, methods and the like.

These are things that would’ve taken me months, possibly longer to figure out by myself, let alone notice in the first place.

Therefore, I would love to hereby show my gratitude by saying,

thank you and the best of luck Big Orange!

This also goes to show, one should not be afraid to take a chance every now and then. By delivering your showcase by hand, and meeting face to face with those you idealize, they might hand you a ladder to reach for the stars. I realize that not all meetings will be like this, because somedays you simply don’t bring a ladder to work.

If you want to know more about the legendary composers at Big Orange, you can visit their very cool interactive website.

A Mysterious (Show)case

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New Page dedicated to the on-request/suddenly appearing Cuilithe showcase.

Cuilithe Gaming OST Showcase

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Project Synaesthesia

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Hello there!

Project Synaesthesia is my way to make psychedelic music, and it will be featured on this page when more output has been created.

Together with Lennard Faber, I will be creating a live-set catered towards loungebars, coffeeshops and the like.

The final product will be released for free, but special live recordings will be shared within the venues we go to.

You should also be looking forward towards Special Bonus Tracks, that can only be downloaded during our performances.

We hope to see you at one of our gigs sometime!


Project Synaesthesia

Project Synaesthesia Logo


Peace, Love, Stay Tuned

and other Hip-tastic terms!

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A New Road To Take

August 9, 2011 2 comments

I’ve always been a fan of trippy music, but focussing on soundtrack composition did not allow me to produce it myself. Recently I was introduced to the music of  “Sphpongle”, which I can say is pretty nice. Intrigued by the psychedelic genre I started out with an psychedelic experiment of my own. I must say that I loved working on it, and I wish to do tracks like that more often. Thus I shall from now on take psychedelic as a 2nd genre for me to be involved in.

The first psychedelic lounge experiment: “Roaming The City” is audible on my soundcloud page. (Clicketh thy mouse over ‘ere)

Chances are, you are already listening to the song, because it should also be atop the autoplay list on this main page.

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